The Classic from May 16 2018

The Classic from May 16 2018

Mercyful Fate with “Evil” from the album “Melissa”.

The band was formed in the spring of 1981 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The band raised from the ashes of “Brats” and “Black Rose”. The album “Melissa” was their first full length record. It was released on 30 October 1983.

A couple of songs from this album were used on demos from their former bands. Like “Curse of the Pharaohs”. This song was on a demo from “Brats” and was called “Night Riders”. King Diamond re-wrote the lyrics and thats why the name was changed.
“Into the Coven” was the first song that Mercyful Fate ever wrote. It was the intention to call the album that way. At first the song was called “Love Criminals”.
What took the most time, was the song “Satan’s Fall”. Hank Shermann wrote many nights at this song. A song with sixteen riffs, according to Michael Denner. It took him ages to learn it.

In december 1983, they could support Ozzy Osbourne in Copenhagen. But unfortunately Ozzy was ill and the show was cancelled.

They played in januari at Dynamo in Eindhoven and a couple of days later they were on Dutch national radio called Countdown Cafe.
In the United Kingdom, they supposed to be the support act for 8 shows from Manowar. But they were treated so bad, that they finished this tour after 1 show.