Death Metal Top 56

Death Metal Top 56


It all started with Black Sabbath. A band with low tuned dark riffs and dark lyrics. In the early 1970s, their horror and occult inscribed texts and music was a form that was exploring the border. The band Motorhead in the mid-1970s also had an important influence on the later extreme metal. Their heavy metal music interspersed with punk rock gave a unique sound. At the end of the 70s inspired by the energy and the success of the punk music, there was a new batch of bands. Called the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

Venom arrived in the early 1980s. By far the meanest boy from the NWOBHM class. The occult was extended much further. With a blistering sound and harsh vocals. They were a source of inspiration for countless bands, such as Slayer. An American band that was founded in ’81 and was heavily inspired by Venom, but the boundaries went even further in terms of energy and speed. The Thrash metal was born.
In ’83 the band Possessed was founded in LA California. With their debut album Seven Chruches, they were a link between Thrash metal and the later Death Metal.

Meanwhile, an other band was formed in Orlando Florida called Mantas. Which stretched the sound of Possessed a bit further. This band that changed their name to Death in ’85 is recognized as one of the founders of the Death Metal. Soon there followed more bands like, Obituary, Morbid Angel, Necrophagia and Autopsy. It continued to grow. In the late eighties and early nineties, many bands released classical albums. Not only from America, but also from Europe. A new genre was born in heavy metal land. An extreme one, called Death Metal.

And since the Death Metal genre started about 30 years ago with the release of Necrophagia’s “Season of the Dead” and Death’s “Scream Bloody Gore” and took off from then on, it seemed like a good idea to organize a Death Metal Top 50 songs.

130dB has asked fans of the death metal genre and also bands, what their ultimate top 10 Death Metal songs are. We have received more than 1000 entries, including from bands like Grave, Edge of Sanity, Gorefest, Atrocity and Bloodbath.
Check the list below for the very best songs that the Death Metal genre have delivered us in the last 30 years.

Death Metal Top 56
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Death Metal Top 56
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Death Metal Top 56
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Death Metal Top 56
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Death Metal Top 56
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De complete Playlist van de DEATH METAL songs TOP 56

Chart BandSong▶️ ListenBuy
56AsphyxCrush the Cenotaph

55UnleashedNever Ending Hate

54God DethronedRavenous

53Pungent StenchSick Bizarre Defaced Creation

52VaderSilent Empire

51SepulturaInner Self

50GorefestReality When You Die

49AmorphisDrowned Maid

48Arch EnemyNemesis

47BehemothBlow Your Trumpets Gabriel

46DeathSpiritual Healing

45CarnageDark Recollections

44Celtic FrostCircle of the Tyrants

43BenedictionThe Grotesque

42Edge of SanityThe Masque

41NileAnnihilation of the Wicked

40Dying FetusKill Your Mother Rape Your Dog


38Morbid AngelThy Kingdom Come

37BehemothO Father O Satan O Sun


35DeathEvil Dead

34DeathBorn Dead

33ImmolationFather, You're Not a Father

32Paradise LostAs I Die

31DeathCrystal Mountain


29DismemberAnd So is Life

28Morbid AngelImmortal Rites

27Edge of SanityEnigma

26DismemberOverride of the Overture

25Cannibal CorpseI Cum Blood

24DeathSpirit Crusher

23GraveYou'll Never See

22AutopsyCharred Remains


20EntombedBut Life Goes On

19ObituaryCause of Death

18PossessedThe Exorcist

17DeicideDead by Dawn

16Morbid AngelRapture

15Bolt ThrowerWorld Eater

14ObituaryChopped in Half

13DeathLeft to Die

12DeathLack of Comprehension

11Morbid AngelGods of Emptiness

10DeicideSacrificial Suicide

9At the GatesSlaughter of the Soul

8CarcassExhume to Consume


6PestilenceOut of the Body

5Morbid AngelChapel of Ghouls

4ObituarySlowly we Rot

3Cannibal CorpseHammer Smashed Face

2DeathPull the Plug

1EntombedLeft Hand Path