Interview: May, 16th 2018

We asked some “band- and personal taste” questions to Earthgrave. A new band from Finland. The first single, Torn from the Void, impressed us!

The vocalist and guitarist from the band, Tuomas Virtanen, answers the questions. Find out which album made a massive impression on him and how his first contact with Heavy Metal was like.

– How did you met each other as a band back in 2014?

I had played with all the members in other bands already. Sauli and 9 in Hatefury, Henkka in Destractive and Andy in White Mist. So we were all friends when EG started forming in my mind.

– When shall be the release of your forthcoming album First Snow of the Final Winter?

In the next few weeks. We didn’t settle on a specific date yet, but definitely soon.

– What is the biggest succes with the band so far?

Finishing the album and seeing the first 9/10 review from Metalliluola webzine. Also the Emergenza semi-final gig in Nosturi even if we didn’t reach the final.

– Where do you hope to be with the band in lets say, 5 years time?

Hopefully we will have at least two more albums out, with a stable following in the local and perhaps the European scene too. We have no great ambitions, but rather take things as they come. Making music and having fun is most important.

– What are your ambitions for the near future? Any touring for example?

We would definitely do a tour if there was an opportunity for it. We will book some one off gigs for sure, but for now we focus on getting the album released and promoted.

– Which band would you like to join as a support act?

It would be a dream come true to open for Amon Amarth, they are awesome and I think our music would fit the bill too.

A few questions about the background of your personal taste:

– Do you still know your first contact with Heavy Metal? How was that like?

It was through my cousin, who introduced me to Nightwish, Children of Bodom, In Flames etc. when I was maybe 13 i guess.  At first I hated growly stuff but then I came to my senses 😉

– Which record has formed your heavy metal taste the most?

Wages of Sin” by Arch Enemy is pretty close to a perfect album, so I would go with that I guess. There are many others that really made a difference too.

– Which metal album did you buy first?

I think it was “Follow The Reaper” by Children of Bodom.

– Which album did made a massive impression on you?

Again with “Wages of Sin“.

– If you take a maximum of 5 albums with you, for example to an uninhabited island, which ones would you definitely take with you?

At The Gates – Slaughter of the Soul
Arch Enemy – Wages of Sin
Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thundergod
Nevermore – This Godless Endeavor
Rytmihäiriö – Surmantuoja

– On which album would you’ve liked to play yourself?

Slaughter of the Soul“. It’s just legendary and I think I could manage most of it with a little practice on guitar 😉

– What do you think is the best live album?

Not a big fan of live albums so hard to say which is best.

– Which album do you play the most in recent weeks/months?

Berserker” by Beast In Black and “Cloud Factory” & “King of Everything” by Jinjer.

– Which album do you like best so far in 2018?

Our own of course 😉

– Do you have any more interest besides Heavy Metal?

Videogames, my wife & kids, food and beer

– And we’ll finish off with the most happy question of all, which song should they definitely play on your funeral.

Nightwish – Greatest Show On Earth

– Is there anything else you would like to say?

Thanks for the interest in us. I hope your listeners will like our music and Facebook page.