“Klaus Meine is lost”. Robb Weir, Tygers of Pan Tang.

“Klaus Meine is lost”. Robb Weir, Tygers of Pan Tang.

Robb Weir guitarist of Tygers of Pan Tang tells 130dB a story when supporting the Scorpions as special guests back in 1980. What happened Robb?

Robb: “Timeline, 17th of May 1980 and the Tygers were supporting the Scorpions on their UK leg of the ‘Lovedrive,’ tour at what was then the marvellous Glasgow Apollo. For those of you that never experienced the Apollo, it was a huge old cinema with three tiers of balconies. The seats downstairs were on quite a sharp rake up to the back of the hall resulting in the stage being a good ten foot tall!

Apollo theatre

The Scorps’ then studio producer Dieter Dierks was on the road with them doing their front of house sound. As with all venues, Dieter used to walk in, look around and tell the crew exactly how much P.A. to bring in from the trucks. It was an enlightenment to watch, Dieter always got it just right and the live sound of the band was just like the record (LP) perfect and loud! The Scorpions carried their own sound and lighting system with them from Germany rather than hire from the UK, the company they used was called Rock Sound from Hanover God knows what we sounded like live next to these masters! And on that note MCP, (Midland Concert Promotion’s) approached Tom our manager that afternoon and said our opening night at Newcastle City Hall was not as good as he expected and tonight in Glasgow had to be better. Tom relayed this fairly important fact to us but with all young egotistical bands we thought MCP was talking rubbish! However it must have hit home in some way as the Glasgow performance was top draw so we were told.

Anyway, the Tygers arrived mid afternoon and as was customary the first thing we did was make our way to the back stage door, signing anything the autograph hunters put before us and then went in search of our dressing room and our drinks rider! This done and with a beer in hand I ventured out of the dressing room to find the stage and have a look at the set up. The Scorps backline was very impressive, a wall of Marshall’s and the drum kit sat on top of a gigantic model scorpion, the tail with the sting on the end hung over the full kit, it was visually very impressive, when Herman did his drum solo in there show, the Scorpion mechanically ‘stood up’ and it’s eyes lit up red. Along the way I bumped into Klaus Mein, the Scorps singer. Klaus’s English has always been excellent and we started chatting. He asked me if I knew of any good record shops near the venue. Since I am from Newcastle which is some 150 miles from Glasgow I had no idea where the nearest toilet was never mind a record shop! I asked one of the local crew for some help and he said that there was a fantastic one in Kilmarnock only half an hour away by local train. Klaus was directed to the train station and off he went it was about 15.30. The Scorps sound checked at 17.30 sharp every night, that’s German efficiency for you! But on this occasion there was no Klaus. An enquiry was held and fingers were pointed at me. I was summoned to the Scorpions production office. Apparently it was my fault the Scorpions were without a singer as I had told him to go to Kilmarnock! It was nearly 20.00 before Klaus turned up, (we were on stage in the middle of our show) the police had been called to say he was lost! Klaus was his usual calm lovely self, got ready and went on stage at 21.00 and played a belter of a set (as always!). After the show he cleared my name with their tour manager and proceeded to show me his record purchases…..Happy daze!”

The stage

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