Playlist 130dB Podcast NWOBHM Part 1

Playlist 130dB Podcast NWOBHM Part 1

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After the NWOBHM Top 60 and the rare tracks that I like, I still got a lot of great music that I wanna let you hear. So I decided to make a bunch more NWOBHM episodes.

Playlist more NWOBHM tracks part 1

 BandSong▶️ ListenBuy
TaurusPaper Chaser
MillenniumThe Devil Rides Out
Sweet SavageEye of the Storm
Last FlightDance to the Music

CrucifixionGreen Eyes

WeaponSet the Stage Alight

Mendes PreyRunnin' for You
OmenDragon Flight
Hollow GroundDon't Chase the Dragon

NightstalkerShady Lady
Jameson RaidSeven Days of Splendour

White SpiritFool for the Gods