The best NWOBHM SONGS ever

The best NWOBHM SONGS ever

In May 1979 an article by Geoff Barton appeared in the hard rock magazine Sounds after visiting Neal Kay’s Bandwagon. He described a new movement of metalbands in the UK. He called this movement the New Wave or British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

Nobody could then suspect that some of those bands would fill Arena’s years later. The biggest leader of the movement has become Iron Maiden.
The top consists apart of the aforementioned Iron Maiden of, Saxon, Def Leppard, Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Raven, Tygers of Pan Tang, Venom. But there are hundreds of other bands that belongs to the NWOBHM. Other fantastic bands are Savage, Battleaxe, Fist, Blitzkrieg, Girlschool, Holocaust, Tytan, Jaguar, White Spirit, Vardis, Tank, Blackmayne, Sweet Savage. Unfortunately I can not name them all, they are just too many.
And some bands have not released more than a (few) demo (s) and / or a (pair of) single (s) with their own savings. Paralex, Ztormtrooper, Black Ax, Bleak House, Random Black, StormQueen and so on.

All these bands have contributed to the NWOBHM which has been so important for the development of Heavy Metal. Metallica for instance, which would not have existed without the NWOBHM. The NWOBHM set the Heavy Metal train in motion, allowing us to welcome genres such as Thrash, Death and Black Metal.

Since it was 40 years ago in May 2019 that Geoff Barton’s article appeared in Sounds, it seemed to us of 130dB radio Metal Show a good idea to give this movement the honor it deserves by organizing a NWOBHM TOP 60.

So last month we played the Top 60 very best NWOBHM songs in 5 broadcasts. 300 enthusiastic fans have passed on their personal Top 10 to 130dB. That yielded a whole list, from which we have compiled the Top 60.

If you want to listen to the broadcasts, you can do that on different platforms. Such as Spotify, Apple, Anchor, Mixcloud and a few more.

Listen back the NWOBHM broadcasts:

BroadcastContent▶️ Apple▶️ Spotify▶️ Anchor▶️ Mixcloud
1Countdown 60 - 49Apple 1 1Anchor 1Mixcloud 1
2Countdown 48 - 37Apple 2 2Anchor 2Mixcloud 2
3Countdown 36 - 24Apple 3 3Anchor 3Mixcloud 3
4Countdown 23 - 11Apple 4 4Anchor 4Mixcloud 4
5Countdown 10 - 1Apple 5 5Anchor 5Mixcloud 5

Top 60 NWOBHM best songs

  BandSong▶️ ListenBuy
60VenomWitching Hour

59GirlschoolRace with the Devil

58Diamond HeadSucking My Love

57MythraBlue Acid
56RavenHell Patrol

55SavageLet it Loose

53Traitors GateDevil Takes the High Road
52QuartzStand Up and Fight

51Tokyo BladeIf Heaven is Hell

50CrucifixionOn the Run

48Hollow GroundFlying High

47Iron MaidenSanctuary
46Diamond HeadIn the Heat of the Night

45Iron MaidenTransylvania

44SatanTrial by Fire
43HolocaustDeath or Glory

42Iron MaidenPurgatory

41JaguarBack Street Woman

40SaxonDenim and Leather

39SaxonAnd the Bands Played On


37Diamond HeadThe Prince

36WitchfyndeGive 'Em Hell

35Grim ReaperSee You in Hell

34Iron MaidenMurders in the Rue Morgue

32Tygers of Pan TangSuzie Smiled

31SamsonRiding with the Angels

30TytanBlind Men and Fools

29VirtueWe Stand to Fight
28JaguarAxe Crazy

27DemonNight of the Demon

26AragornBlack Ice

25Angel WitchExtermination Day

24Saxon747 (Strangers in the Night)

23SaxonWheels of Steel

22Def LeppardGetcha Rocks Off

21Diamond HeadLightning to the Nations

20SaxonPrincess of the Night

19DemonDon't Break the Circle

18SaxonHeavy Metal Thunder

17Iron MaidenIron Maiden

16RavenDon't Need Your Money

15Iron MaidenKillers

14SaxonMotorcycle Man

13FistName, Rank and Serial Number

12Iron MaidenWrathchild

11Def LeppardWasted

10Iron MaidenRunning Free

9Tygers of Pan TangHellbound


7HolocaustHeavy Metal Mania

6Dark StarLady of Mars

5TrespassOne of These Days

4Iron MaidenProwler

3Iron MaidenPhantom of the Opera

2Angel WitchAngel of Death

1Diamond HeadAm I Evil?