Thrash Metal Top 60

Thrash Metal Top 60


Which metalhead hasn’t grown up with Thrash? Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax and Megadeth to name the big four.
I am particularly happy with 1986. Metallica came up with the album Master of Puppets. Flotsam and Jetsam with their debut album Doomsday for the Deceiver, Megadeth with Peace Sells … But who is Buying, Metal Church with The Dark, Nuclear Assault with Game Over, Slayer with Reign in Blood and Dark Angel with Darkness Descends. Not a bad year, right?

But there are so many releases in the 80s that can be classified as classic. Exodus with Bonded by Blood, Kreator with Pleasure to Kill, Testament with The Legacy, Anthrax with Spreading the Disease. And so on.

And I haven’t mentioned the “gems” yet. Bands that have made a fantastic album, but were never fully picked up by the crowd. Razor with Shotgun Justice, Demolition Hammer with Epidemic of Violence, Sacrifice with Soldiers of Misfortune, Watchtower with Control and Resistance, Artillery with By Inheritance, Torture with Storm Alert, Power Trap with Disciples of Power, Anacrusis with Manic Impressions or Morbid Saint with Spectrum of Death to name a few.

And of course the new dudes on the block, Power Trip, Vektor, Hellbringer, Evil Invaders, Warbringer, Droid, Hellripper, Condor, and a lot more new bands that draw inspiration from the rich history of Thrash Metal.

130dB is a Dutch radio Show, so don’t forget all the Thrash Metal related bands from the Netherlands. De debut album from Pestilence and Mystrez, Vulture, Mysto Dysto/Mandator, Messina, Sacrosanct, Dead Head, Distillator, Jagannath, Bifrost. Way to many to mention them all.

Making a Top 10 is pretty impossible. I know I have a difficult request for you, to put together your top 10. And don’t forget that the bands that just fall outside your top 10 may be taken by others. Hopefully you will have a lot of fun putting together your top 10. And even more fun if 130dB is going to broadcast this Top 50.

It changes every day, but okay, here’s my Top 10. And probably I forgot a song 😬.

Slayer – Necrophiliac
Metallica – Creeping Death
Morbid Saint – Lock Up Your Children
Metal Church – Metal Church
Demolition Hammer – Human Dissection
Destructor – Maximum Destruction
Kreator – Riot of Violence
Pestilence – Parricide
Exodus – Piranha
Testament – Over the Wall

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